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Visit the Academy of Natural Sciences to see a frogs exhibit this spring.

Spring Break To-Do

Hop on over to our pad for some frog fun!

Who’s Minding the Entomology Collection?

He reveals how most new species are discovered.

Bugs Under Glass

Academy’s insects inspire student.

Group visits for kids at the Academy of Natural Sciences are discounted in summer.

Dino-Mite Summer Preview

Discounted admission offered for your group this summer

Who’s Minding the Malacology Collection?

He frequently discovers new mollusk species.

Have your dinosaur birthday party at the Academy of Natural Sciences!

New! Dino-Brick Birthdays

Dino-Brick Deluxe Party available for birthdays

Mussels Improve Water Quality

Mussels bred to improve stream conditions.

Learn about the courtship rituals of animals like the eastern bluebird from natural scientists.

Springtime Courtship Rituals

Observe birds and frogs as the weather gets warmer.