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Journey to World’s Bottom

Paleontologist Ted Daeschler digs fossils in Antarctica.

Twin hedgehogs steal the spotlight at the Academy of Natural Sciences. Get Cyber Monday science museum discounts today.

Cyber Monday Membership Deal

Big discounts give your family year-round access to dinosaurs.

Bringing the Outside In

Mom reviews the kids’ discovery center.

Year-End Charitable Giving

Understand your options for year-end gifts.

Geek of the Week: Timshel Purdum

Cephalopod enthusiast talks being a “geek.”

Girls enjoy indoor family fun at a dinosaur museum overnight

Dinosaurs After Dark

One-of-a-kind dinosaur museum overnight for the whole family

Unique Bones Help Place Catfish

Resolution after centuries of confusion

Rocks versus minerals

Common Mineral Questions

What’s the difference between a rock and a mineral?

Diatoms as Indicators

New data produces interesting findings.

Detail from Jason Poole's Suuwassea painting

The World of Suuwassea

What was it like to live among the dinosaurs?