Make Way: Moving Dinosaurs

Embark on a globetrotting expedition back in time when dinosaurs reigned in a world very different from today. Dinosaurs Around the World, opening Sunday, June 30, at the Academy, features moving, roaring dinosaurs and how they adapted to where they lived.

Velociraptor, Oviraptor and nearly a dozen other animatronic dinosaurs set the stage of a multi-layered narrative that recreates the planet from before the continents as we know them existed, when lush landscapes covered Africa and greenery was the norm in Antarctica. With touchable fossil casts, cutting-edge research and immersive design elements, visitors will experience the Age of Reptiles as it comes to life.

Neovenator was a meat-eater that grew to 25 feet and weighed 2,200-4,400 pounds. The real dinosaur fossils were discovered on the Isle of Wright, United Kingdom.

Visitors can:

  • Walk in the footsteps of dinosaurs
  • Touch a real fossil
  • Use a touch screen to hear Corythosaurus
  • Explore the dinosaur book nook
  • Learn about paleontological research
  • Discover and name their own dinosaur
  • Participate in a dig site
  • Color 3D dinosaur models
  • Learn how to find modern-day dinosaurs right in their own backyard
How do you measure up to a sauropod leg bone?

Dinosaurs Around the World invites visitors of all ages to grab their prehistoric passport to Pangea and discover how plate tectonics, land bridges, volcanic activity and sea level fluctuations allowed dinosaurs to disperse to all corners of the globe, giving each of the seven continents its own unique selection of these giant reptiles.

During their 172-million-year reign, dinosaurs adapted into a variety of forms due to the conditions of the areas in which they lived. The exhibit includes examples as varied as the mighty T. rex of North America, the swift Velociraptor of the Gobi Desert, and the massive herbivore Amargasaurus from the tropical jungles of South America.

Get to know how Iguanodon lived.

“The size and realism of the moving dinosaurs and the settings really transport you back in time,” said the Academy’s Senior Exhibits Director Jennifer Sontchi. “It’s a playful and an educational experience for visitors of all ages.”

Dinosaurs Around the World, created by Imagine Exhibitions, will be on view through January 20, 2020.

Dinosaur paleontologist Gregory M. Erickson, PhD, is the senior scientific advisor for the exhibit. Erickson is the curator for the Florida State University Museum and holds research appointments with the American Museum of Natural History in New York, The Field Museum in Chicago, and University of Alaska’s Museum of the North in Fairbanks.

For Dinosaurs Around the World tickets, visit for an online admission discount.

By Carolyn Belardo

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  1. “Frankly, we really don t know much about the movements of these animals. We don t know much about the biology of any dinosaur for that matter,” Erickson said.

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