Mussel Survey

In late September, Academy staff scientists and collaborators conducted a mussel survey on the Schuylkill River upstream from Boathouse Row.

Two scientists examine a mussel collected from the water

Their goal was to document the presence or absence of mussels and, in particular, whether there were any Tidewater Mucket (Leptodea ochracea) in this stretch of the river. This survey was the last in a series that was conducted throughout the lower Delaware River watershed.

Three scientists in brownish river water

Academy staff scientists Roger Thomas, Kathryn Longwill and Malcolm Newman (above, right) worked in collaboration with Dr. Danielle Kreeger (left), Science Director for the Partnership for the Delaware Estuary and Drexel University Department of Biodiversity, Earth & Environmental Science faculty, and Mary Walsh (center) of the Western PA Conservancy.

Scientists snorkeling

Searching the shallow regions by hand, the scientists were able to find several dozen mussels of 2-3 species, but alas, no Tidewater Mucket.

Line of mussels, biggest to smallest, on boat seat

This information will be added to the data collected at the earlier sites to provide more detailed information on the numbers and density of Tidewater Mucket, and other mussel species, within the mainstem lower Delaware and Schuylkill rivers.

Scientist hands measuring mussel

Text and images by Roger L. Thomas


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