Door 19: Traditional Medicinals (Sneak Peek)

Knock 3.14159 times on Door 19 for admission to an oddly charming evening that will forever change how you think about science. Curated for the curious, Door 19 is quirky science meets themed soiree, set against a backdrop of live performances, music, adult beverages and awesome science.

On Thursday, June 13, you can get high on science and nature during Door 19: Traditional Medicinals, an adults-only evening at the Academy of Natural Sciences. Mellow out with us under the light of the lava lamp as we take a (legal) look at the interplay of plants and people. Dig out your tie-dye t-shirt and birks for a night of far-out fun with a side of serious science. 

To be blunt, the Academy’s next Door 19 is going to rock. Here are the high-lights.

Enjoy one-of-a-kind behind-the-scenes tours…

…of our world-renowned Botany Collection. Because the Academy was one of the first scientific institutions in the Western Hemisphere, the herbarium holds some of the oldest and most important plant collections in the Americas.  Bring your best buds to check it out!

Experience the power of “healing” crystals…

yellow, brown and purple minerals from ANS collection

…in our rarely opened Mineral Vault. The amazing minerals, which include fluorites, pyromorphites, calcites, azurites, stibnites, quartz and more, were on display for many years in what is now the Academy’s Dinosaur Hall. Today we store them behind the scenes for safety and preservation.

Taste chocolate…

Shane Chocolate in shape of shells and fossils

…and learn about the therapeutic benefits of eating it every day (hooray!). Make and take your own herbal cough drops and learn about the history of medicine and candy with Philadelphia’s famous Shane Confectionery.

Meet the far-out farmers…

White and brown fungi by Mycopolitan

…and mushroom enthusiasts from Mycopolitan. We hear the staff are really fungi-de(s)!

Relax at the open bar…

Blurry picture of dinosaur hall in the evening

…with our partners at 12th St Catering! You can sip your drinks throughout the museum or in Dinosaur Hall, while you enjoy the groovy live tunes of Pilar and Eric Rivera. Then satisfy your munchies with great food from our exclusive caterer, 12th St. Catering (vegetarian options available).

Register now for Door 19: Traditional Medicinals and take advantage of the early-bird pricing!

Through May 29 – $65 Public/$55 Members/$60 Drexel Alumni
May 30–June 4 – $75 Public/$65 Members/$65 Drexel Alumni
June 5–June 13 – $85 Public/$65 Members/$65 Drexel Alumni

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