Five Easy Tips to Make your Super Bowl Party More Sustainable

While the Eagles didn’t make the big game this year, there’s a good chance you’re either hosting or attending a Super Bowl Party this weekend. Having a Super Bowl Party is in itself a sustainable idea! You’ll be using less electricity by having your friends in one room, watching on one TV and only using the lights at one house. Here’s five easy tips to make your Super Bowl Party even more sustainable:

Don’t Use Disposable Plates, Cups, or Silverware

Skip the disposable plates and cups for your party. It’s more sustainable to wash dishes than throw things out. Compostable is better than disposable, but reusable is best when it comes to your plates, cups and silverware.

Know How to Dispose of your Takeout Containers

Ordering pizza? Awesome, pizza is delicious. But can you recycle that greasy box when it’s done? Nope, you can’t. Throw it in with your trash. That Styrofoam container from the wings? Nope, not recyclable either. Plastic take out containers? They are probably recyclable if you clean them out. Check out our Recycling 101 Blog for more recycling tips.

Cook for Yourself/Have a Potluck

Maybe even better than take out? Cooking at your house or having friends bring dishes over for a potluck. This allows you and your party goers to use sustainable containers, guarantees everyone is getting a dish that they want and allows you to better manage leftovers. Speaking of leftovers…

Don’t waste the leftovers

Food leftover? Get it in a sustainable container and save it and eat it for lunch or dinner the next day. The best way to end up with the least amount of food waste? Make sure you don’t go overboard and have way too much food!

Buy local

The shorter distance something must travel to get to your house, the better it is for the environment. Shop local and support your local markets and try to buy locally grown food when you can. Buying beer? The Philly area is full of awesome breweries!  Stop at one and grab a six pack, case, growler or keg. If you head to your local beer store, consider buying beer from a local brewer, whose products will have a smaller carbon footprint having been shipped a shorter distance. Don’t forget to make sure the bottles and cans end up in the recycling bin at the end of the night as well.

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