Viruses Explained Wins Award

Are viruses alive? For a long time, viruses were thought to be non-living, but recent bizarre discoveries have reignited the debate. With COVID-19, a disease caused by a virus, still raging as a global pandemic, viruses have gained mainstream attention. 

On your next visit to the museum, look for the eye-catching exhibit called Viruses Explained on the first floor. It’s a panel exhibit on a free-standing frame structure on level one. It’s chock full of helpful, easy-to-digest information about viruses — where they come from, how they were discovered, how they affect us, and more. 

This summer Viruses Explained was singled out by the trade magazine Graphic Design USA for an American In House Design Award in the category of Signs and Environmental Graphics. Congratulations to the Academy Exhibits staff who worked to create the exhibit: Jennifer Sontchi as creative director; Stephanie Gleit as art director and designer; Lauren Duguid as writer and developer; and Michael Beers as exhibit fabricator. 

“I am so proud of the Exhibits team for their hard work and talent,” said Sontchi, who leads the team as senior director of exhibits and public spaces. “We are all deeply honored to be acknowledged by GDUSA.” 

Viruses Explained is on view through Aug. 31. 

This is the second award from Graphic Design USA in recent months. The first went to the Academy and graphic designer Gleit for the whimsical COVID-19 signage placed around the museum to remind visitors of safety protocols. To see the winning MOOSEUM signage, click here to go to another blog post.

By Carolyn Belardo

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