Academy Joins Climate March

It was a day we’re not likely to forget and one that we’ll be telling our friends and grandchildren about in years to come.

On Sept. 20, Academy staff joined the museum and science communities and people around the world in support of the United Nations Climate Summit taking place in New York this month. Academy scientists, teachers, exhibit builders, tech experts, marketing mavens, fundraisers, Women In Natural Sciences students, and Eddie the T. rex donned “Science Matters” T-shirts and joined the Youth Climate Strike at Philadelphia City Hall.

Against a creative backdrop, students in the Academy’s Women In Natural Sciences helped passersby create signs to carry during the march.

Many of us are veterans of March for Science events that have taken place in recent years in Philadelphia and across the nation. This one had a different flavor—and inspiration. It was led by kids. These are words my colleagues used to describe the experience:

Hopeful * Hope * Community * Activism * Inspiring * Theyouth (as a #hashtag) * Empowered * Justice * Power * Impactful Invigorating * Epic

Here’s what it looked like.

staff with signs
“Take action for the climate,” one sign blares. Enthusiastic Academy workers drew car horn honks of support from the morning rush hour traffic around Logan Square.

“We believe museums have a moral obligation to support the public good and to raise our voices at this critical moment of climate crisis. Science matters, and our participation in the rally demonstrates that.” – Academy President and CEO Scott Cooper

staff marching
And they’re off to join the hundreds assembled for the rally at City Hall.

Academy research supports the consensus of the scientific community that the earth is warming, and climates are changing at an unprecedented rate and that these changes are largely because of human activity.

Eddie the T. rex marched in his first Academy climate rally.

We are now seeing the result of human actions that have accelerated climate change, species extinction and other environmental factors that threaten global security and life itself.

marchers w signs
This poster includes tips of what all of us can do to help.

There is an urgent need for civic institutions such as the Academy to not only inform people of the irremediable damage being wrought upon the environment, but to spur them into action.

Senior Director of Visitor Experience Marilyn Torres doesn’t need words on her sign to express her message.
dino sign
“The dinosaurs had no choice. You do!”

By Carolyn Belardo. Photos by Mike Servedio and Carolyn Belardo

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  1. Wonderful article! Thanks for reminding me that I need to become a member of the Academy of Natural Sciences asap!

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