Wildlife Photographer of the Kids Club

In celebration of the upcoming special exhibit, Wildlife Photographer of the Year, the Academy Kids Club held a photography contest for our Kids Club members ages 12 and under. Members submitted their best nature photo for a chance at the first-place prize: one free year of Academy membership at the Family Plus level.

The top 10 photos are showcased below. We are blown away with the creativity and talent displayed in these photos.

The first-place prize went to 9-year-old Willow H. from Kingsville, Md. Willow captured a bird’s nest tucked into a bush. Academy Ornithology Collection Manager Nate Rice says the eggs may belong to an American robin or a gray catbird. He notes, “The two groups of birds are related. Robins are in the thrush family, Turdidae and catbirds are in the mimic thrush family Mimidae.”

squirrel in tree

This was a close contest with many wonderful submissions, including this second-place entry from 8-year-old Rukia R. from Philadelphia.


Seven-year-old Lily L. from Philadelphia rounds out the top three with a tranquil forest scene.

View the top 10 photo submissions below. We hope all of these young photographers will continue to enjoy the outdoors, take photos and share them with us at membership@ansp.org or on our social media pages as part of the Academy Nature Project.

Academy members are invited to register up to five children or grandchildren for the Kids Club. Not a member of the Academy? Join today to support science and receive special member benefits for an entire year.

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