Why Build Dioramas?

Why were the Academy’s dioramas built? How did the animals become part of the displays? Why did museums collect animals and recreate their habitats for display?

Starting in late March, we’re bringing in experts to clean and renovate our Takin and Gorilla habitat dioramas. In addition to brightening the spaces with new lighting, we will repair background paintings, remove dust, fix faded fur, remake curled or faded flowers and leaves, and generally make the dioramas look new again.

Taking diorama at the Academy of Natural Sciences

You can peek through large viewing windows into the temporary work spaces as the work takes place. On Tuesdays from 10 a.m.-1 p.m., a staff member will be on hand to show you specimens that could appear in a diorama. You can ask questions about the cleaning and renovation work taking place and get a better understanding of the history of dioramas at the Academy!

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