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The Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia has opened another amazing exhibit that will entertain individuals of all ages! CROCS: Ancient Predators in a Modern World is a temporary exhibit open until May 6, 2018 that allows guests to step into the world of crocodiles and alligators. Go face to snout with some of the most incredible creatures in the world!

Guest Post by Jessica Lopa, Editor of Mommy University.

For over 200 million years, crocodilians used their strength, amazing senses and unmatched instincts to not only evolve but thrive on Earth. Between realistic models, live animals and interactive stations, guests will learn all about these fascinating predators while exploring this new exhibit. Created by Clyde Peeling’s Reptiland in Allenwood, PA, CROCS will be an unforgettable experience for your entire family!

As Family Plus members of The Academy of Natural Sciences, we were able to explore CROCS for no additional charge. Nonmembers will pay an additional $5 to enter while individual and family members will only pay an additional $3 to enter. From the moment we entered, we were in awe. From the moving eye on the sign to the hands-on learning stations, my kids had a blast exploring and learning.

Must Do Experiences at CROCS

Visit the Baby Alligators (and Other Live Species)

Throughout CROCS, guests will have the opportunity to gaze with wonder at some of the most amazing creatures from around the world. Although we loved watching the Siamese crocodile move and thrash about and investigate the West African dwarf crocodile, it was the baby American alligators that really grabbed our attention. Within an enclosure, guests will find several adorable but fierce baby alligators. My boys and I loved just staring into their eyes and watching them move about the land and water within their habitat.

Learn to Speak Croc

At the back of the CROCS exhibit, guests will find an area where they can learn all about how crocodilians communicate. With 8 buttons to press, this is a hands-on experience that engages the senses while really bringing guests into the world of crocodilians. Guests learn what an American alligator sounds like when he is attracting a mate or attacking its prey along with what a baby crocodile sounds like when he calls his mother for help. (You can see more about this experience in our video below)

Admire the Art

While walking around the CROCS exhibit,  make sure to admire the inspiring works of art on the walls. Guests can see incredible photography of crocodilians from around the world. It is a fascinating look into how these amazing creatures live, survive and thrive!

Within various enclosures around the exhibit, guests can also see realistic models of crocodilians from around the world. They are so life-like that you will have to do a double-take to make sure they are not real. I found the Indian Gharial fascinating to examine as well as the mother alligator protecting her nest.

The most fascinating model, however, was the enormous saltwater crocodile in the center of the exhibit. Its size will have you in awe and wondering what you would do if you saw a crocodile that big in real life!

Test Your Strength

Ever wonder how strong an alligator’s bite really is? Well, at CROCS not only do you find out how strong a bite is, but you will also find out how strong you are! Find out the bite force  of various alligators at the Crunch Capacity station. Then push down on the handle to see how strong you are!

Meet the Keeper

Every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday at 11:45am, guests of CROCS can meet one of the amazing keepers at the Academy of Natural Sciences. Guests will learn fun facts about crocodilians as well as ask questions about the exhibit. What a great way to learn!

We had so much fun exploring the CROCS exhibit at The Academy of Natural Sciences and cannot wait to return. To learn more, please visit the Academy website. Also check out our Facebook photo album for more great pictures!

Check out our tour of the CROCS exhibit:

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