Summer Camp Early-bird Registration Open

Early-bird registration is now open for Academy Explorers Summer Camp 2017! Reserve before April 17 and receive $25 off each week of summer camp purchased per child!

Are you thinking about purchasing science camp as a holiday gift for your child? Whether you’re looking to reserve just one week, two weeks, or the entire summer, here is a sneak peek at our weekly themes.

July 5–7: Superhero Science  Child dressed as superhero checks out hedgehog. Early registration for summer science camp is open.Explore the science behind superheroes and study the animals that inspired them. Learn to bend water, use magnetism, and levitate. Check out our special holiday week pricing!

July 10–14: Digging Dinosaurs  

Discover what it’s like to be a paleontologist. Create your very own dig kit, dig into dinosaur mysteries, solve paleo-puzzles, and get your hands on real fossils. Take a field trip to collect (and take home) real fossils!

 July 17–21: Dinosaur Discovery 

Travel back in time to explore the world during the Mesozoic Era. Discover how the dinosaurs survived on Earth for 175 million years, design your own dinosaur feathers, and learn about the dinosaurs that are still alive today! Take a field trip to meet some live dinosaur cousins in their modern-day homes!

 July 24–28: Animals AliveGirl and boy hold live butterflies in tropical exhibit. Register today for Animals Alive week of Academy Explorers Summer Camp.

Find your new favorite animal as you get to know live reptiles, mammals, birds, amphibians, and even invertebrates during this animal-mazing week! Investigate animals from all over the world and discover how they survive in the wild. Take a field trip to meet live animals from all over the world!

 July 31–August 4: Animal Antics

Go wild and see if you can keep up with the Academy’s live animals! Befriend a parrot, help feed a tortoise, race a rat, and learn how you can help animals at the Academy and all around the world. Take a field trip to meet extraordinary live animals and the people that care for them!

August 7–11: Dinosaur Detectives

Go on a paleo-adventure! Uncover the clues of the past using real fossils and then imagine your own unique dinosaur to display in Dinosaur Hall. Take a field trip to collect (and take home) real fossils!

August 14–18: Extraordinary Insects

Girl looks at bug specimens up close at Academy of Natural Sciences summer science camp. Awesome animals come in small (and spiky and wiggly and beautiful) packages! Travel the route of the Monarch butterfly, create a prehistoric dragonfly, and get up close with live Academy invertebrates! Take a field trip to find insects during the ultimate nature hike.

August 21–25: Dino-rama

Uncover the secret lives of dinosaurs and explore the world 65 million years ago. Learn about brand new dinosaur discoveries, build a Jurassic habitat, run in our Maiasaura marathon, and play a giant game of Tic-Tac-Triceratops! Take a field trip to look even more deeply at dinosaurs and the super scientists who study them.

August 28–September 1: Outdoor Adventures

Visit the food web pond, get an insect’s eye view, play a game of grass-hoppers, and create your very own mud pie. Learn that there is more to the outside than you could have ever imagined! Take a field trip to go outside and get dirty!

The camp weeks above are for kids ages 5 to 12. Be sure to check our website for a full list of summer programs for kids ranging in age from 3 to 16, including Tiny Tot Explorers and our Academy Teen Husbandry Program.

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