Spotlight: Art of Science Camp

Are your kids into art? Do they like science? If you answered yes to both questions, or you thought, “They love art, and I also want them to like science,” then we have the perfect solution: a camp that uses incredibly fun creative activities to show that art and science are inseparable.

It only happens once each summer. From July 25–29, we’ll put down some drop cloths and start to make a mess, all in an effort to understand the connections between nature and art. If you can’t quite imagine how this would work, picture this:

Your child uses a mini cotton swab to swipe the inside of her cheek. She transfers the swab contents to a petri dish and takes a look through a microscope to see an artwork that’s totally unique and totally her own.

Girl drawing on dioramaYour kiddo goes on a nature hunt to collect beautiful, unique objects from the environment. Whether he picks up rocks, leaves, feathers, or bugs, he will use these specimens to build a sculpture, create a painting, or make an entirely new kind of art.

Other activities will include:

  • Everyone’s favorite—drawing on the dioramas
  • Wildlife photography
  • Fleshing out dinosaurs
  • Drawing animals using chalk
  • Examining cross-sections of tree trunks and dating them based on their rings
  • Clearing and staining specimens
  • Using marbles to paint mazes
  • Turning plants into pigments

Man drawing dinosaurBest of all, your kids will learn that the greatest scientists were artists too! As a group, we will observe Academy works held in our collection from contemporary to up-and-coming artists and create scientific works of art to display inside the museum!

Register by calling 215-299-1060, sign up online, or click here for more information.

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