The Best Night of the Year

On October 12, 2018, our members will join us in the galleries, labs and collections for an evening of hands-on exploration and science.

Members’ Night is a family-friendly, open house event where Academy members can explore both our public museum galleries and the collections and research labs that are located behind the scenes. During Members’ Night, Academy staff, scientists and researchers put together interactive activities that highlight the work they do every day. If you’re not a member already, it’s not too late to join us at Members’ Night by signing up here!

Here’s a snapshot of some of the activities you can participate in at Members’ Night:

Take a flashlight tour of our special exhibit, Xtreme Bugs.

Children explore Xtreme Bugs at the Academy of Natural Sciences
Rocco Avalone for ANS

Explore vertebrate diversity in 3-D using CT scans to look inside specimens.

Watch Academy scientists demonstrate the infra-red greenhouse gas analyzer they use to research wetland carbon sequestration.

See real dinosaur bones we pulled from the ground during our summer expedition in Montana.

Children examine real fossils at Members' Night

Build your very own fish from evolutionary characteristics cutouts.

Examine avian parasites with the scientists who investigate them.

Pick out and identify shells, and find one to add to your own collection.

Young girls pick shells from sand table full of shells
Five Five Collective for ANS

See snail and clam dissections up close.

Make your own leaf rubbings and learn how plants make their own food using photosynthesis.

Try out manual and electric typewriters, important tools for librarians and archivists through the years.

Child uses typewriter
Five Five Collective for ANS

Help take care of our creepy crawly live animals, and participate in their feeding and cleaning.

Use a microscope to explore the unique shapes and adaptations of aquatic insects.

Boy in blue shirt looks in microscope
Five Five Collective for ANS

Travel from America to Mongolia by exploring insect and fish ecology across grassland rivers.

Play video games from throughout the years and explore the Academy science that was happening when the games were released.

There are so many more activities on the list, but we don’t have room to include them here. Visit the Members’ Night page to download the entire program and find out tips for navigating the museum during Members’ Night.

Still not a member? Find out more about membership and what other exciting benefits you’ll receive throughout the year!

Post by Mary Alice Hartsock/ANS

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