Shells, Slime, and Science

Every year the Academy of Natural Sciences welcomes members to explore behind the scenes of our museum at Members’ Night. At the 2017 Members’ Night, members of all ages got the chance to meet scientists, see our collections, and take part in lots of fun and exciting hands-on activities, such as…

Dino Discoveries

Surface cleaning fossils

Members got an up-close look at what we dug up in Montana and Wyoming this summer. They even helped our fossil prep staff surface clean fossils from this past season.

Explore the Dioramas

Using green screen to explore dioramas

Members explored several of our North American dioramas using green screen technology.

Animal Enrichment and Training

Turtle enrichment

Rats, turtles, and even fish can be behavior trained. Members got to try their hands at animal training. They helped with Halloween-themed enrichment, and created a target training craft to take home.

Chemistry Experiments

Science experiments

Candy chromatography, potion making, and slime making are just some of the exciting chemistry experiments members got to try this year.

Bird I.D.

Kids learning how to I.D. bird specimens

Members got to test their knowledge and learn how to properly identify and name birds from the Academy’s collection with a real ornithologist.

Beach Party

Digging up shells in our sandbox

One of the family favorites of Members’ Night is our Malacology Department’s sandbox. Members got to pick out and identify shells and find one to take home.

Be sure not to miss Members’ Night next year!

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