Our Holiday Shopping List (Continued)

Compiled by Mary Alice Hartsock

Are you finished with your holiday shopping? If you are like us, the answer is no! But as Academy staffers, we are lucky to have a one-stop shop where we can find something for pretty much anyone on our holiday lists.

The shop is open during regular museum hours, from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on weekdays, and 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekends. We have impressed our friends and relatives with some great gifts–educational toys, quirky t-shirts, art, books, and more. Below our Institutional Advancement and Exhibits teams share some of their favorites. Check out additional recommendations from our Education staff.

Dinosaur Gifts for KidsLindsay1

My favorite gifts for little kids are the Glow in the Dark “D is for Dino” Kids Shirt, Dinosaur Slippers, and Dinosaur Egg Growing Pet.

I gave all three of these to my nephew for his birthday one year and he loved them! It was fun to watch how excited he got as his dinosaur egg started hatching.

Not only does he wear his dino slippers everywhere, but they’ve made it into two of his Halloween costumes so far. I’m not sure if he was a big fan of dinosaurs before he got these, but he definitely is now!

Lindsay Fiesthumel
Membership Manager


T-rex Tea InfuserBenjamin_TeaRex

I chose the T-rex tea steeper because with winter coming, tea will be the morning drink of choice. Now I’ll be able to make roaring sound effects while I wait for my tea to steep.

Benjamin Baker
Drexel University Graduate Student


Dinosaur Raincoat

Dino Raincoat

I like the adorable toddler-size dinosaur raincoat. It comes in olive green and has two dinosaur pockets and a hood. The killer cute is the orange spikes that jut up from each shoulder. And on the back is what looks like a pterodactyl soaring over an erupting volcano! The raincoat sells for $49.99. Did I mention there’s a matching umbrella?

Carolyn Belardo
Senior Public Relations Manager




Charley Harper ProductsHarper

I love the different Charley Harper products! They’re mod without being kitschy and fun for both bird lovers and others. Choose from dishtowels, plates, and cups, along with great notecards and notebooks. Fun and functional—my shopping is done!

Heather Hahn Sullivan
Senior Manager of Sponsorship and Events




I’m fascinated by epiphytes, which are plants that peacefully grow on other plants gathering nutrients from the air and rainwater. Sometimes, in nature, there are whole ecosystems inside them. I also find them quite beautiful, so I enjoy having them at home and giving them away as gifts. Because they don’t need to be planted in soil, there are endless ways to display them.

Lauren Duguid
Exhibit Designer



Game of Bones T-Shirt


I recommend the Game of Bones t-shirt. It’s a sure-fire conversation starter at your next soiree!

Jennifer Sontchi
Senior Director of Exhibits

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