New Live Animals

We’re super excited about some new live animals that have come to the Academy recently! Soon you will be able to see them in Outside In, during Naturalist Presentations, Outreaches, and possibly during other Academy programs like Mega-Bad Movie Night.

We wanted to introduce you to the newcomers and give you a look behind the scenes to see the process that our live animals go through between arriving at the Academy and being ready to participate in our programs.

Currently our new additions are in quarantine in a location set apart from the rest of the Live Animal Center. They remain in quarantine for a minimum of 30 days and until they receive a clean bill of health after testing is done on three fecal samples.

Our new additions right now include a wood turtle, two White’s Tree Frogs, and two African pygmy hedgehogs. All three are currently nearing the end of their quarantine, having had clean bills of health so far.

The next step in their development at the Academy is socialization. Our experienced animal handlers start this process while the animals are in quarantine, but it continues more thoroughly once the animal has officially moved into its new home in the Live Animal Center.

wood turtle

Our new wood turtle

whites tree frog

White’s Tree Frog


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