National Fossil Day

What is National Fossil Day, and why should you care?

National Fossil Day is a celebration organized by the National Park Service to promote public awareness and stewardship of fossils, as well as to foster a greater appreciation of their scientific and educational values. America’s national parks contain a great variety of fossils, ranging from primitive algae found in Glacier National Park to the remains of ice-age animals found in caves at Grand Canyon National Park. At our National Parks, we can check out fossils in the same places that the animals and plants lived millions of years ago.

Thanks to fossils, we know about extinct prehistoric creatures such as the dinosaurs, as well as what kinds of climates these animals might have lived in. The Academy is excited to celebrate National Fossil Day on Wednesday, October 12, and you can join us to learn more about how fossils tell stories of our ancient world.

dinotourAt the Academy on October 12, check out gigantic dinosaur bones, tiny shark teeth, and everything in between! Talk with Academy experts to learn how fossils form, and see some cool (touchable!) specimens. Drop by Science Now to find out about current events in paleontology, and make a fossil craft to take home.

Dinosaur Hall Tour

Don’t forget to spend some time in Dinosaur Hall to check out our incredible permanent collection of dinosaur skeletons, plus visit our Fossil Prep Lab, where technicians are unveiling dinosaur fossils fresh from the field.

featheredtrexoriginalBe sure to visit the amazing Dinosaurs Unearthed exhibit to see fossils brought to life as roaring, moving, animatronic dinosaurs! National Fossil Day activities are free with general admission. (Fee required for Dinosaurs Unearthed)

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