Meet the Membership Team (Part 2)

It’s almost time for Members’ Night! On October 13, members will get a peek behind the scenes to see our collections and witness what the Academy’s experts do every day! Members are welcome to join our researchers, scientists, and staff for fun activities that showcase the Academy’s work.

On Members’ Night, you might meet an ornithologist, a biogeochemist, or a live animal handler. You might even meet one of the people responsible for the membership program and Members’ Night itself–Director of Membership and Appeals Lindsay Fiesthumel!

Lindsay has been working at the Academy as the director of membership and appeals since December 2011. Some of her responsibilities include managing the museum’s membership program of more than 5,000 members, developing and implementing a retention, upgrade, and acquisition program to grow the membership base, and overseeing the membership and donor database.

Before coming to the Academy, Lindsay lived in Washington, DC. She worked in membership departments in several different nonprofits, and when she moved to Philadelphia five years ago she was looking to continue her career in membership. She soon found a position at the Academy, where she loves how the staff and volunteers are so passionate about what they do. Lindsay also loves working near interesting artifacts such as the Presidential Hair collection and Marie Curie’s membership card.

In Lindsay’s free time, she likes to run, read, cook, and check out other museums in the area. She has memberships to places like the Philadelphia Museum of Art and Eastern State Penitentiary. Most recently, she joined as a member of the Museum of the American Revolution, where she got to see the museum before it opened to the public and signed the book of founding members. Lindsay loves being a member of these places so she can support the mission of an institution as well as gain special access to events and exhibits.

If you want to join Lindsay and our other members on Members’ Night, make sure to RSVP by October 6!


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