George Washington Carver Award

The George Washington Carver Science Fair and the Academy of Natural Sciences have gone hand-in-hand since the fair’s inception in 1979.  A proud partner and host of the fair since the beginning, the Academy is still demonstrating its original mission of 1812 with “the encouragement and cultivation of the sciences.”

In marking its 40th anniversary, the Carver Fair organization today bestowed on the Academy its Dr. George Washington Carver Award. This award “symbolizes that same intense dedication and creative genius exhibited by Dr. Carver in his constant quest to advance the cause of humanity as a scientist, inventor, sculptor, musician, educator, and a great humanitarian.”

This is the first time the Carver Award was given to an institution, not an individual. We are extremely proud of having received this honor.

Thomas Anderson, Jr.  presents Academy President Scott Cooper with the George Washington Carver Award.

Increasing access, diversity, equity and inclusion — not just participation in science, technology, engineering and math initiatives — has been one of the Academy’s primary learning goals. Through programs such as the Carver Science Fair, Women in Natural Sciences, early childhood literacy and science, technology, engineering and math programs, we have been providing opportunities for thousands of Philadelphia’s children to explore the wonders of STEM.

Founded by a group of educators and businesspersons, the Carver Science Fair encourages urban youth to pursue academic achievement and careers in science. The fair is jointly sponsored by Temple University, the Academy, School District of Philadelphia, and Archdiocese of Philadelphia. It is open to all students in grades four through twelve, who attend Philadelphia County public, charter, parochial, private and home schools.

Since its inception, over 37,000 students have participated in the fair and have, in many cases, moved on to compete in the Delaware Valley Regional and Intel International Science Fairs. The fair is named in honor of the late Dr. George Washington Carver: scientist, inventor, artist, musician and great humanitarian.

By Betsy Payne, Manager, Women In Natural Sciences

Photos by Mike Servedio/ANS

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