Dinos After Dark

Philadelphia’s dinosaur museum has added evening hours to its schedule. Plus, a nighttime beer garden with food, activities for adults and families, and pay-as-you-wish admission.

Starting Jan. 26, the Academy will open its doors once a month from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. for an event called Dinos After Dark. All the galleries and special exhibits will be open to visitors, who will get to experience the museum in a whole new way.

Once a month the Academy will be open at night. Visitors will get to experience the museum in a whole new way.

The iconic Dinosaur Hall will host the pop-up Dino Drafts: The Academy Beer Garden. Beer and a variety of light tasty foods will be available for purchase amid the towering T. rex and the other dinosaurs and marine reptile fossils. Visitors will be permitted to escort their beer as they cruise the halls and mingle in the galleries.

Live animal presentations by the Academy’s engaging naturalists will take place at 5:30 p.m. and 7 p.m. Fun, hands-on activities for both adults and kids will be available throughout the evening.

“Dinos After Dark is a new initiative for the Academy and an exciting new way to see all your favorite exhibits in a whole new light—after regular hours,” said Academy President and CEO Scott Cooper. “The Academy, with its amazing dinosaurs and scenic dioramas, is a great place to unwind on a Friday night after a hectic workweek and to have an unusual and enlightening experience.

“We invite visitors of all ages to participate, including parents who want to take their kids.”

Admission is pay-as-you-wish with a suggested donation of $10. Partial proceeds from Dino Drafts: The Academy Beer Garden by 12th St. Catering will benefit the Academy.


Post by Carolyn Belardo


    1. Rob. The event is pay-as-you-wish, with suggested donation of $10 (and more if you’re feeling generous!). So no need to buy tix ahead. Hope to see you on Jan. 26.

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