Dino-Mite Summer Preview

Imagine that it’s early August. It’s hot, and the forecast is calling for rain. You are in charge of a group of kids or campers. You need to keep them cool, dry, and most importantly, safe. Your plan for the day needs to allow for a place to eat lunch and time for your kids to stretch their legs and run around. It needs to be affordable. And most importantly, you want your kids to have fun!

Enter Dino-Mite Summer, the perfect solution to beat the heat and keep everyone happy all summer long. Bring your group of 10 to 100 children for an all-inclusive day of fun featuring participation in Dino-Mite Summer special activities from July 5–August 30, 2017.  At Dino-Mite Summer, you might meet living backyard dinosaurs (you call them birds), get the behind-the-scenes scoop during a tour of North American Hall, join fellow Lego-lovers and build buggy and dino-inspired creations, or share a belly laugh with Marty the Moose during story time.

Woman in blue shirt holds an owl at Academy of Natural Sciences' Members Night. Become a member at a discounted rate on Cyber Monday.

Included in your summer group admission to the Academy is entry to Backyard Adventures, an interactive exhibit that provides lots of exploratory opportunities for kids. As you ride the bee bike, collect nectar, check out a food web pond, copy critter calls, and even dress up like living creatures, you’ll uncover surprising details about how organisms live and interact in their environments. You can even become a mechanic or engineer by learning the feats of construction that go into building a shed, solving the paver puzzle, and playing garden mini-golf.

Girl and boy hold live butterflies in tropical exhibit. Give a unique holiday gift this year from Philly's Dinosaur Museum.Your trip to the museum can also include a stroll through a tropical garden filled with fluttering live butterflies, encounters with live animals in the museum and onstage, a walk among dinosaurs and other prehistoric wonders, and conversations with real scientists. You can imagine life in Africa, Asia, and throughout North America by exploring the Academy’s dioramas. Your group can even search for dinosaur fossils in The Big Digthe Academy’s very own fossil dig.

Your group of kids or campers can experience all the Academy’s exhibits—including Backyard Adventures, usually an additional fee—for the discounted rate of $12.95 for children and $14.95 for adults this summer.

Stretch your legs during your field trip to the Academy. Register now for a discount for your group of kids or campers. The Academy is located in the heart of Philadelphia’s museum district, and we make it possible for you to visit more than one museum in a day. If you choose to spend all day with us, you can purchase food from our café or enjoy your packed lunch in our lunchroom. During or after your visit, take the kids to Aviator Park or Sister Cities Park right across the street to stretch their legs and soak in some sunshine.

You can schedule your trip today–call us at 215-299-1060 or email reservations@ansp.org. Our staff can help you plan a day that your group will remember!

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