Museums and zoos bond over viral missnake on social media

Aquariums, zoos and science centers all have at least one thing in common — we are suckers for a nerdy animal joke. Thus was born #TypoASpecies, in which a wrongly keyed animal name alongside a tricked-out image of an animal is posted on Twitter or Instagram, giving museum social media managers everywhere a solid excuse to procrastinate their other duties as assigned.

The Academy quickly joined the gaggle, with these posts about animals from our Dinosaur Hall, Outside In, Butterflies! exhibit and dioramas.

The brains behind the TypoASpecies hashtag, Oregon Zoo, kicked off the conversation on Twitter with this “disable your ottercorrect” tweet.

Other zoos, aquariums and science centers were quick to jump on board. Here are a few of our other favorites!

See more #TypoASpecies tweets and join the conversation.

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