The Future of Science is at the Academy

Dear Friends,

Right now, a lot of people in America are worried about the future of science—and I am one of them.

The success of our nation and the future of our planet, quite frankly, depend on the prioritization and advancement of scientific research and education.

Our mission at the Academy is to deliver verified science to the public to help citizens, educators and policymakers alike make informed decisions about issues that impact our everyday lives. You can support this work with a gift today.

Did you know that the Academy…

  • – Educates some 240,000 museum visitors about the natural world every year?
  • – Teaches almost 80,000 schoolchildren using inquiry-based, hands-on science?
  • – Employs 75 scientists doing research here in the U.S. and in many countries around the world on everything from disease vectors to water quality?
  • – Is a leading scientific organization on a regional project to protect 14,000 square miles of drinking water for 15 million people?

The Academy is committed to building knowledge, sparking curiosity, and inspiring solutions to ensure a healthy future. Last night the Academy hosted Senator Bob Casey and a panel of experts who discussed the effects of climate change on the health of Pennsylvanians. Engaging talks like this one are exactly what the Academy is all about—presenting real science, discussing real-world problems, and identifying ways to make a difference by applying the knowledge that we gain.

Direct funding of scientific research and education is the best way to secure the future of science for generations. I hope you will support our efforts. You can donate easily and securely by clicking here.

My sincerest thanks for your consideration and support.

All the best,





George W. Gephart, Jr.
President and CEO

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