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By Christina Reif for Daily Vacationer

Science is often a concept we think we need to go out of our way to find. Everyday life and environment are often overlooked when we compare them to a lab of test tubes or a jungle of exotic creatures. This summer, The Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University invites you to explore the hidden world of science right outside your door with Backyard Adventures. From the red patio chairs at the exhibit entrance to an actual indoor mini golf course, there’s plenty to experience!

Backyard Adventures is fully interactive with stations set up throughout the exhibit that engage, teach, and invite visitors to discover more. You can learn more about the honey bees by riding a bee bike while a nearby “sand table” uncovers the science of topography. You can even be a part of the food chain in a fun food web video game for up to four players. And for the youngest ones (or even the young at heart), you can dress up as some of the key players in backyard science: a bee, a lady bug, a snail, and more!

A highlight for us was definitely the mini Garden Golf course. The holes are very imaginative with fun features including lightweight balls, air tunnels, and a giant spider! We also enjoyed trying to throw a ball at the speed camera. Who doesn’t have dreams of being a world-class pitcher at some point in their lives? The park benches, picnic tables, and flowers everywhere around the exhibit gave it a nice outdoorsy touch that reminded us of our own yard or a nearby park.

A neat take-away from this exhibit was the DIY displays. A Billy cart and a bird house were built and on display for you to look at, touch, and explore. But as an encouragement for visitors to do more than just see it, they offer the plans for these do-it-yourself builds that include a materials list and instructions. What a clever way to take the science back home! Each station in Backyard Adventures shows a fun and different way you can find science in nature all around you. You don’t have to go to a museum to find it, but it sure was fun to get kick-started at this exhibit!


Backyard Adventures is on display through September 10. Purchase tickets online at a discount at

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