Photo Essay: Orchid Show 2015

by Mike Servedio

The SEPOS International Orchid Show and Sale opens today and runs through Sunday, April 24. For three days only, the luscious fragrance of thousands of orchids from all over the globe will fill the Academy’s diorama halls. Colorful orchids arranged in stunning displays and brought to their prize-worthy peaks will delight orchid experts and novices alike.

Visit the Orchid Show to:

  • Take tours with the experts of the Southeastern Pennsylvania Orchid Society
  • Attend lectures and talks on orchid cultivation for beginner and experienced orchid growers (click here for dates, times, and topics)
  • Visit an extensive market to purchase plants, gardening supplies, and other treasures from all over the world
  • Enjoy delicious meals and snacks in the Academy’s famous Dinosaur Hall
  • Take a behind-the-scenes tour of the Academy’s Botany Collection

Click here for more information and to purchase tickets.

Just a few images of the many beautiful orchids that are on show and on sale:

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