Paleopalooza: What You Missed

Every year, the Academy celebrates all things prehistoric during Paleopalooza, a two-day festival of fossils! On March 2 and 3, 2019, Academy members and visitors got an exclusive look at some rarely exhibited and wonderful fossils and type specimens collected by Academy paleontologists. They learned about trilobites, saw a dinosaur re-imagined in chalk on an enormous chalkboard, watched live shows, took guided tours of Dinosaur Hall, hunted for fossils, made dinosaur farms from Lego bricks and more. Check out some highlights from the weekend!

Two children around 6 or 7 touch a turtle held by Academy educator
Meeting live animals
Two adults talk to Academy volunteer about marine reptile fossil in foreground
Learning how ancient marine reptiles live on today.
Children and adults make marine reptile crafts at small table
Making marine reptile models
Christopher DiPiazza on ladder filling in outline of Hadrosaurus with orange chalk
Paleoartist Christopher DePiazza brings Hadrosaurus back to life in chalk.
Kids under age 8 talk to male scientist about large fossils, such as a mastodon jaw, at center
Paleontologist Ted Daeschler shows off very important fossils from the Academy’s collection.
Female scientist exhibits trilobite fossils for three adults
Learning about trilobites with Invertebrate Paleontology Collection Manager Katy Estes-Smargiassi
Two educators show 10 year old girl modern trilobite relatives in small plastic tank
Meeting live modern relatives of trilobites
Educator shows two young boys a fossil or piece of petrified wood
Not all cool fossils come from the dinosaurs!
Small boy plays with legos and plastic dinosaurs at small white table
Dinosaur Farm Legos
Two families play with legos and plastic dinosaurs at long table
More Dinosaur Farm Legos
Educator stands under T. rex, group of adults surround her
Tours of Dinosaur Hall
Man onstage with projected images onscreen of man digging in the dirt
Live shows–this one featured paleontologist Jason Schein and the dinosaurs of the Bighorn Basin
close up of saber toothed tiger fossil
Fossil from saber-toothed cat
multiple families stand in front of long table filled with touchable fossils
More real fossils with the Delaware Valley Paleontological Society
Two female educators onstage reading a story with moose puppet; story projected onscreen.
Story time with Marty the Moose

Photos by Mary Alice Hartsock and Mike Servedio/ANS

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