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Marie Kurz is involved in environmental research at the Academy of Natural Sciences.

Marie Kurz: Ecogeochemist

Why she found herself in a field she tried to avoid.

Extraordinary Clam Found Alive

On finding the smelly giant shipworm.

Ted Daeschler Speaks at the March for Science – Full Text and Video

Academy paleontologist Ted Daeschler was a featured speaker at the Philadelphia March for Science on April 22. See his speech and read his full remarks.

Who’s Minding the Diatom Herbarium?

She played in the mud a lot as a kid.

Explore your backyard! Our Backyard Adventures exhibit opens June 9.

Packing for an Expedition

Explore your backyard this spring!

Eyeless Catfish Named

Academy scientist names specimen for daughter.

Donate in honor of George Gephart at

Spotlight: George and Pooh Gephart

A legacy of leadership

Visit the Academy of Natural Sciences to see a frogs exhibit this spring.

Spring Break To-Do

Hop on over to our pad for some frog fun!