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Two Centuries of Shells

Philadelphia Shell Show is Oct. 22-23.

Mike Servedio at Beartooth Pass Overlook

Insects and Windshield Impact

Splats influenced by vehicle speed, season.

A New ‘King’

Gigantic, Ancient Armored Fish Discovered

Study Uncovers Rare Fossil

Placoderm fossils located by scientists in Belgium.

National Fossil Day

Celebrate our ancient world on October 12.

Ichthyosaurus Identified at the Academy

Ancient aquatic reptile specimen is named.

Treasures from the Collections

Google partnership brings treasures to your computer.

Amanda Keyes, birthday party host

Amanda Keyes: Birthday Ninja

Birthdays are better if Amanda is your host.

Dinosaurs in exhibit

Dino-Mite Weekends

Have a blast with free October activities!