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two pieces of a turtle bone

Two-Part Turtle

Two states. Two centuries. Two parts of the same turtle.

New Live Animals

We’re super excited about some new live animals that have come to the Academy recently! Soon you will be able to see them in Outside In, during Naturalist Presentations, Outreaches, and…

Autism Initiative

Academy provides helpful tools for visitors on the autism spectrum.

New T. rex Fossils

T. rex fossils move into the Fossil Prep Lab.

Not Your Ordinary Finch

Ornithology Collection Manager Nate Rice helps us track down a nomadic bird that visits the Philadelphia area during the winter. The common redpoll (Carduelis flammea) is a type of finch…

a skeleton of a sea turtle suspended on a wire

Old Sea Turtle

Dinosaur Hall gets a new sea turtle display.

Sandy’s Impact One Year Later

Tracy Quirk studies the impact of Hurricane Sandy on the Jersey Shore.

Jurassic Academy

How to move a dinosaur exhibit from Texas to Philly.

Making Science Accessible

This summer, the Academy of Natural Sciences’ doors opened early for 180 specially invited guests. These guests were attending the museum’s first Access to Science event, created to provide an…

Drawn To Dinosaurs

Watch Jason Poole draw a dinosaur in this time-lapse video.