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Insects are as interesting to this artist as to entomologists.

Outside In Makeover

Check out the newly refurbished children’s nature center, Outside In.

Zoot: A Day in the Life

Zoot, our blue and gold macaw, lives behind the scenes in the Academy’s Live Animal Center.

Specimens From a Famous Expedition

Take a one-of-a-kind look at a specimen from our Botany Collection.

Passenger Pigeons

Can you imagine what a flock of more than a billion birds looks like?

Corresponding With Darwin

Read an excerpt from Charles Darwin’s letter to Joseph Leidy.

Discovering the Jocotoco

It sounds like an owl, but this creature won’t be showing up in your backyard! In fact, the jocotoco antpitta (Grallaria ridgelyi) is so hard to find that ornithologists didn’t know…

Tiktaalik on Camera

In July 2013, a crew of four filmmakers joined Ted Daeschler and his colleagues for their trip to the southern Ellesmere Island site where they discovered Tiktaalik roseae.

Hedgehog Tales

Hedgehogs join the Academy!

Unnatural History: The Odd and Remarkable Dioramas of Lori Nix Opens in the Art of Science Gallery

Lori Nix’s photographs imagine what goes on in dioramas.