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Hemingway and the Academy

Read about Ernest Hemingway’s connections to the Academy.


This new dinosaur is the most complete one ever found.

Mortal Remains

This exhibit raises awareness about species extinction.

Bug Picassos

See video of our bug artists at work.


Insects are as interesting to this artist as to entomologists.

Outside In Makeover

Check out the newly refurbished children’s nature center, Outside In.

Zoot: A Day in the Life

Zoot, our blue and gold macaw, lives behind the scenes in the Academy’s Live Animal Center.

Specimens From a Famous Expedition

Take a one-of-a-kind look at a specimen from our Botany Collection.

Passenger Pigeons

Can you imagine what a flock of more than a billion birds looks like?

Corresponding With Darwin

Read an excerpt from Charles Darwin’s letter to Joseph Leidy.