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Maybe Darwin Sat Here

Special chair on display for a limited time.

Night at the Museum Drawing

Contest: Night at the Museum

What happens when dinos do gymnastics?

boy with skull

Paleopalooza Festival

Get your fossil on Feb. 14 and 15!

QH41 .C35

Mark Catesby’s Birds of Colonial America

Why are Mark Catesby’s illustrations of birds and plants special?

profile of Hawkins

A Remarkable Gift

Gift creates a center for the study of Benjamin W. Hawkins.

Snowy Day

Sustainable Tips for Frigid Weather

Remove ice and snow the sustainable way.

First Adult Overnight

What to expect at the Academy’s first adult overnight.

water and shoreline


Exploration is a learning experience.

The Big Dig

Experience a Fossil Dig

Our fossil dig features new surprises for tiny paleontologists.

Extremely Rare Find

An extremely rare butterfly will go on display for one month starting January 17.