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Category Archives: Photoblog

Into the Trees

Filling in the gaps from Mexico.

Dig in dirt in the backyard exhibit at the Academy

Backyard Adventures Opening Weekend Activities

Opening weekend of Backyard Adventures will be action packed.

Backyard Adventures Opens June 9

Discover the hidden world of science.

Who’s Minding the VIREO Collection?

He wants a photo of each of the world’s bird species.

Academy paleontologist Ted Daeschler traveled to Antarctica to find Middle Devonian fossils for the Academy of Natural Sciences.

Antarctica in Pictures

Academy paleontologist travels to Earth’s end to find fossils

Extraordinary Clam Found Alive

On finding the smelly giant shipworm.

Who’s Minding the Diatom Herbarium?

She played in the mud a lot as a kid.

Eyeless Catfish Named

Academy scientist names specimen for daughter.

Who’s Minding the Entomology Collection?

He reveals how most new species are discovered.