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Category Archives: Library

A Peek at the Past

A Look Toward the Future, Opens Oct. 10

New Library Research Center

$7 million center will open late 2019.

Ruth Patrick at Microscope

Five Highlights of the Last Century

Scientific discoveries, new “furniture,” and more.

New Locks for Old Hair Collection

See which president donated.

Inversand Fossil Pit, 1947

Hadrosaurus Fossil Finds

1947 brought new fossils to the surface in New Jersey.

The World Underfoot

Famous map from the Academy archives.

Treasures from the Collections

Google partnership brings treasures to your computer.

Meet Senior Fellow Robert Peck

Celebrating 40 years at the Academy

Charles Darwin Membership Card

Famous Members: Part 2

Darwin, Curie on list of famous members.

Thomas Jefferson membership card

Famous Members: Part 1

Jefferson, Audubon, and others had roots at the Academy.