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Category Archives: Herpetology

Learn about the courtship rituals of animals like the eastern bluebird from natural scientists.

Springtime Courtship Rituals

Observe birds and frogs as the weather gets warmer.

American Toad

A Leap Into Spring

Follow the American toad into spring.

Ichthyosaurus Identified at the Academy

Ancient aquatic reptile specimen is named.

Canaries of the Stream

Salamanders used to determine stream health.

Meet Senior Fellow Robert Peck

Celebrating 40 years at the Academy

Tantalizing Terrapins

Educator explores Jersey beaches after dark.

Index for the Delaware

By Alissa Falcone One way to assess impacts to an ecosystem and express it to the public is to compile biological indicators, like fish and algae, into an index called…

How to Volunteer at the Academy

Volunteer in exhibits, research collections, and live animal care.

All-Star Days

Enjoy the Academy’s most popular family programs.