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Category Archives: Fossil

Inversand Fossil Pit, 1947

Hadrosaurus Fossil Finds

1947 brought new fossils to the surface in New Jersey.

Video: An Antarctic Adventure

Paleontologist does Devonian.

(Un)Covering Suuwassea

A week in the field with paleontologist Jason Poole.

Journey to World’s Bottom

Paleontologist Ted Daeschler digs fossils in Antarctica.

Girls enjoy indoor family fun at a dinosaur museum overnight

Dinosaurs After Dark

One-of-a-kind dinosaur museum overnight for the whole family

Detail from Jason Poole's Suuwassea painting

The World of Suuwassea

What was it like to live among the dinosaurs?

Mike Servedio at Beartooth Pass Overlook

A New ‘King’

Gigantic, Ancient Armored Fish Discovered