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Snowy Day

Sustainable Tips for Frigid Weather

Remove ice and snow the sustainable way.

First Adult Overnight

What to expect at the Academy’s first adult overnight.

water and shoreline


Exploration is a learning experience.

The Big Dig

Experience a Fossil Dig

Our fossil dig features new surprises for tiny paleontologists.

Extremely Rare Find

An extremely rare butterfly will go on display for one month starting January 17.

New Life

Academy scientists continue to discover new species. Here’s a look at the 2014 additions to the catalog of life.

Common Redpoll

Not Your Ordinary Finch

Ornithology Collection Manager Nate Rice helps us track down a nomadic bird that visits our area during the winter.

Tantalizing Terrapins

An Academy educator follows animal tracks on an empty beach and finds an amazing surprise.

All-Star Days

See the best of the best programs

Dinosaur Slippers

Our Holiday Shopping List (Continued)

Are you finished with your holiday shopping? If you are like us, the answer is no!