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Sen. Bob Casey and Climate Change

Academy Town Square kicks off 2017 series Jan. 26.

Blue Jay by Garth McElroy

Bird-watching in Winter

Catch a glimpse of extraordinary winter birds.

First Bumblebee on Endangered List

Type specimen resides in the Entomology Collection.

Super Science Cyber School Day

Jan. 23 in partnership with WXPN.

Inversand Fossil Pit, 1947

Hadrosaurus Fossil Finds

1947 brought new fossils to the surface in New Jersey.

Ted Daeschler Check in from Antarctica – Part 4

Ted Daeschler reports back after three weeks in the field in Antarctica.

Who’s Minding the Botany Collection?

He “lichens” finding plants to Pok√©mon Go.

Academy Explorers Spring Camp offers budding scientists the chance to explore nature April 10-14, 2017.

Spring Camp Registration Open

Spring Camp entertains budding scientists April 10-14.

The World Underfoot

Famous map from the Academy archives.

Ted Daeschler Checks In from Antarctica – Part 3

Ted Daeschler posts a final note as the team is delayed in getting to their field site.