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Monthly Archives: April 2016

Woman with Moose Puppet

Miss Chris

Meet the Academy’s happiest camper

Spring Bird Migration – Find Five Colorful Birds Arriving in Philadelphia Now

A look at five colorful birds arriving in Philadelphia this spring.

Woman Giving Thumbs Up

Facing her Fears

Eight legs, zero problems.

Cave Crickets Finding

Surface-going cave crickets v cave-dwelling cousins

Un-Muddying Waters

Studying climate change in Mongolian, U.S. rivers

Watershed Research Grants

Grants go to four Drexel projects.

What’s in Our Water?

Free Town Square Discussion May 3

Climate Change in Mongolia

Mongolian Herders Right in Climate Research

Henry McCook Spider Drawing

Spiders and Their Spinningwork

Learn more about Henry McCook’s 1890s work about spiders.

Climate Change Speeding Up

Alarming studies, melting Antarctic ice