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Monthly Archives: May 2015

a bird with black and white wings and an orange body on perched on a tree branch

Baltimore Oriole

Check out one of the birds you can see in our area this spring.

Photo Essay: Animal Grossology

Photos from our new Animal Grossology exhibit.

Ew Gross!

Take a whiff of the Animal Grossology exhibit.

Greening Your Cleaning

Help the environment by making your own cleaning products.

Eating Insects

Insects as a protein alternative to meat.

Jurassic Park Marathon

Plus Dinosaur Dance Party for the kids, May 9.

Nunavut Crew 2004

Fish Hips

Tiktaalik roseae’s famously fantastic fish hips.

Geek of the Week: Jason C. Poole, Dinosaur Hall and Fossil Preparation Lab Coordinator

The Academy’s own Jason Poole is featured as Geekadelphia’s Geek of the Week!