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Monthly Archives: April 2015

Famous Fossil Display

Tiktaalik gets a proper send-off before returning to Canada.

Ken Lacovara in front of a vertebrae

New Paleontology Fellow

Dinosaur discoverer has deep Academy roots.

Photo Essay: Orchid Show 2015

A small sampling of the orchids on display during the International Orchid Show and Sale.

a Dragon's Mouth orchid

Pennsylvania Orchids

Did you know you could find orchids in Pennsylvania?

tomatoes on the vine

Buying Local

Sign up by May 1 for the Academy farm share!

woman at fountain

Giant Insect Trap

Taking stock of insects in famed fountain.

Bird Academy

We’re building a “graphic novel” of ornithology.

Orchid Allure

Explore orchids at the SEPOS International Orchid Show & Sale.

Parasite Diversity Hotbed

Study of African birds reveals hotbed of malaria parasites.

dire wolf skull